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AEB (Supply Chain Management)Solution

ASSIST4 - the software suite for all your global business logistics

ASSIST4 offers a full set of standardized business services for end-to-end logistics, including international movements of goods. This in turn enables the standardization and automation of your business processes in supply chain execution. ASSIST4 also creates transparency and provides a reliable basis for you to make the right decisions about the planning, monitoring, control, and continual optimization of your supply networks - even beyond the boundaries of your own business.

Download ASSIST4 data sheet (Japanese) or visit AEB's website (English)

Visibility & Collaboration Platform

For goods to flow easily in a supply chain, the data exchange must run smoothly. The Visibility & Collaboration Platform ensures transparency and helps synchronize events along the supply chain with extra features to enhance collaboration. The platform architecture allows a centralized approach -worldwide. And provides the foundation for efficient controlling.


Download the Visibility & Collaboration Platform data sheet (Japanese) or visit AEB's website (English)

Transparency and performance - for management and execution

1. End to End Supply Chain Transparency

Many companies already have end-to-end visibility over their own internal production processes. But this transparency is often quickly lost as soon as outside business partners are involved. And when this transparency is lost, the ability to act is often lost with it. Information is decentralized and communication channels are fragmented. ASSIST4 builds a new foundation here with the Visibility & Collaboration Platform.

2. Tracking, tracing, and proactive event management

ASSIST4 harnesses all this information to give you a consistently clear, real-time view of all your inventory, goods movements, and the status chains of your process steps. Above all, it enables the change from reactive troubleshooting to proactive event management.

3. KPIs track performance

Finally, once all the planning data is in ASSIST4 and all the event and status information is bundled here, the Visibility & Collaboration Platform is the ideal place to measure the performance and reliability of your supply chain. Supply chain managers have access here to analyses, ad hoc reports, alerts, and dashboards. The clincher: because ASSIST4 also automates and standardizes the supply chain execution in your company, you have the option of incorporating all internal processes into the performance test.

Freight Cost Control Services

When it comes to handling certain process steps or to monitoring the process of your freight cost handling, the freight cost experts at AEB are happy to take over this responsibility from you. Utilizing experience with various clients from a wide range of industries, they will be able to do this in the most accurate and cost-effective way for you. This will save resources and helps you to focus on the core tasks of your company.

aeb Download the Freight Cost Control Services data sheet (Japanese) or visit AEB's website (English)

Discover the smart way to manage your freight costs

1. Reduce freight cost significantly

You do not have to worry anymore about the time-consuming task of auditing your freight invoices. This will result in savings on your freight cost as well as your operational costs for verification and processing of invoices and corrections.
We do not only match and verify your bills against your negotiated freight tariffs - we will also hold these against your shipping orders.
We also make sure that discrepancies will be discovered allowing you to pay only for those services actually rendered. This will guarantee a 100% check of the freight bills you receive.

2. Increase accuracy of freight auditing

AEB digitizes your freight management processes for more accuracy. Our intelligent solutions are capable of improving accuracy before and after your goods are shipped, including calculating the right freight accounting accruals, refining freight bill logic, automating the re-allocation of freight costs and self-billing.

3. Get full visibility of your freight cost & performance

You will receive monthly consolidated reports which will enable you to continuously monitor service levels and performance of your logistics service providers. This brings transparency to your supply chain and allows for data-driven decision-making and planning, for example: tender management for logistics service providers, management of complex carrier contracts, and negotiating new contracts with carriers.
Supply chain managers will have access to analyses, ad hoc reports, alerts, and dashboards. Monitoring KPIs, performance analyses, and other reports are just a mouse click away.

Service portfolio for increased productivity
AEB's wide portfolio of services is designed to support your daily and periodical tasks in operations, finance, and strategic decision-making.

Operations Support

Finance Support

Calculation & Simulation

KPI dashboard

Success Stories

Infineon: AEB software solution at Infineon: Moving pizza boxes around the globe - Infineon uses ASSIST4 for global distribution of its wafers and chips
Infineon sends out 1.5 million shipments of wafers and chips a year from its production sites to its three distribution centers in Europe, Asia, and the United States - and onward to its end customers. To ensure these shipments are processed smoothly and without errors, Infineon workers at fourteen sites in eight countries rely on the ASSIST4 software suite.

Download PDF(AEB's website)

Logistics at its best. AMADA Germany enhances quality of service and supply chain efficiency.
AMADA GmbH, the German subsidiary of a leading global manufacturer of machines, tools and equipment for sheet metal fabrication, manages its entire supply chain with the software suite from AEB.
Download PDF(AEB's website)

About AEB
AEB was established more than 35 years ago and currently has 17 offices in Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific region. Approximately 500 staff members with expertise in logistics, international trade, and customs support a growing customer base of over 5,000 companies in various industries all over the world.
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